About TCRS

You might wonder what this is all about and who’s behind it and why? Right. So do I. In all honesty, I wanted to do a podcast for a while now and I thought about it long. I’ve got a blog¬†that is going well and I found the way of a traditional podcast (interview / discussion) format intimidating. This being said I kept on thinking how to get started.

In episode 0 there’s already some introduction to why, just give it a listen, but I’ll elaborate here a little. The reason I got into blogging in the first place was because I love writing, telling stories and sharing them with other people. That’s what inspires me, especially if you get feedback, knowing that I made a difference somehow.

A Love For Podcasts

I’m also really into audio books and podcast. I did the former for several years and then switched to the later, quickly starting to consume hours and hours of information. I learned a lot during those sessions and found the idea to start one myself extremely tempting. Nonetheless, I procrastinated for a long time before I even looked into how it’s done (technically). Once I wasted more time researching this I worked on the idea for a traditional podcast, which I said was a little to much for me.

I knew that I would love podcasting and that I need to invest a certain amount of time into researching people, ideas, topics and then into the actual recording. Then there’s the aftermath of audio work (which I have no idea about) and then uploading and sharing the episode.

The Magic Of Epiphanies

And then *boom* epiphany: I record myself while commuting and talk about random stuff!

I stuck with the initial idea of the name for the podcast, i.e. The Random Commute Show, as it wasn’t in use yet and perfectly described the idea of the podcast. Suddenly things got real and I was afraid to record the first episode, just because. There was no reason too. It was only me, my phone and the commute. No one would find out if it turned out terrible. I guess that’s the cruel thing about stage-fright.

Once I overcame that obstacle and the mechanics of hosting this show seemed doable and manageable it evolved quickly. I set-up this page, and kept recording – whenever, whatever I felt like.

The Random Commute Show isn’t only random in topics but also in me as host. I don’t hide my identity, that’s not the goal of the podcast, but rather I try set myself apart of it, trying to make it about the topic at question and not about me. I certainly share my personal views and ideas but that’s only to guide people. In the end what I want to do is to make a change.

The moment I shared the first episode was still weird but constant growth – my life motto – lives of the need to go beyond your comfort zone. This allows you to learn and grow – I love to do both. And I think I end it here.

Random out.